Thursday, July 8, 2010

Face Q Facial Mask

Product: Face Q Facial Mask
Size: 10 sheets/box

Price: $12 CAD

Product of Taiwan

Face Q Facial Mask, a sister brand of My Beauty Diary Masks.

Red Pomegranate + Co Q10 Mask

Red pomegranate and Anthocyanin are two powerful anti-oxidant ingredients. It fights against dullness and dehydration. Camomile's extracts is also added to avoid further dark pigment formulation, helping skin to restore its natural glow. Your skin will become supple, smooth. Its mild and gentle nature makes it suitable even after sun bathing, it will soothe and calm the redness due to long sun exposure.

Luffa + Adlay Mask

Luffa(絲瓜)+Adlay(薏仁) Mask is both calming and whitening effect. Enriched with natural luffa extract, the active enzyme can remove dirt and impurities in your skin, enhance skin metabolism. Barley extract can also soften skin, leaving your skin smooth and supple after use.

Ocean + Aloe Mask

Marine collagen mask full of water allows you have instant access to the moisture to achieve a supple and smooth skin. Enriched with aloe vera gel, its carefully woven fiber essence bears more moisture and nourishment to skin, immediate improves the texture of your skin, and creates skin clarity and translucency! After skin surface forms protective layer of moisture, retaining moisture for a long-lasting and supple skin, your complexion will be translucent and shine with a healthy glow.

Grape Seed + Green Tea Mask

Mask is made from 100% wood pulp with silk, it fit your facial contour perfectly, rapidly infiltrate moisture for the skin, after use your skin with become supple with natural radiance. Formulated with all natural botanical extracts, grape seeds contain powerful proanthocyanidins antioxidant, can prevent the skin from oxidation damage, thus lose luster and flexibility. Grape seed also has synergistic effect with collagen and elastic, making skin a shiny and flexible, and prevent premature wrinkles and skin spots.

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